All our single garages come complete with one Up & Over door or pair of doors, and three fixed window panels (optional) included in the price. We offer four different styles of garage which are shown on this page.

The Standard Challenge

This is our most popular building, it comes with an apex roof, with either timber or UPVC facias, steel truss overs, polyester coated steel roof sheets and a galvanised steel ridging at the point of the apex.


The Challenge Lean-to-Back/Front

The Lean-to-Back/Front is mainly required when next to another building or when attached to your house, these buildings can also be used when forming a battery or multiple buildings. The building is made up of rectangular facia clad in Timber or UPVC, fitted to the front or back of the building depending on where it slopes with two side facias raking to the back or the front. The roof comprises of angle iron trusses and polyester coated steel roof sheets.

LEAN TO BACK PICTURE 2 768x576 - Single Garages

The Sandringham

The Sandringham is an eye-catching building, like the lean-to-back the main part of the roof slopes to the back, but the front of the building comes tiled, using real, authentic tiles, giving the front a more pleasant appearance. We have a choice of two standard colours, antique brown or sandface red, other colours can be obtained upon request to help the building blend into the existing surroundings.

SANDRINGHAM PICTURE 1 768x576 - Single Garages
SANDRINGHAM PICTURE 2 768x576 - Single Garages

The Arundel

The Arundel building is our premium apex building, coming complete with a REAL full tiled roof comprising of twin angled steel trusses with 2" x 2" purlins and using interlocking concrete roof tiles with a segmental ridge being cemented at the top of the apex. There is a choice of either timber or UPVC Facias.

ARUNDEL PICTURE 1 768x492 - Single Garages
ARUNDEL PICTURE 2 768x576 - Single Garages