Your New Garden Office

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Creating an extra space so that you can be more productive when working from home

In the current climate, many of us have had to take our laptops and other equipment home to carry on with our work. We are now hearing the phrase 'working from home' more and more. In the world that we live in, this may be the way in which we will be required to work for the foreseeable future.

Many of us have adapted to this new way of working and find it a bit easier than we thought with setting up our PCs in the kitchen.

Garden office exterior 02 scaled - Your New Garden Office

Working from home

Obviously working from home has many advantages, we can save time and money on the daily commute. But it also comes with disadvantages as well, with many different distractions in the house.

A lack of private space where you can privately make and receive business calls, space to concentrate, away from the family. This can lead to a lack of routine which in turn can cause a drop in productivity compared with that of a functioning office environment.

Some Households have enough room in the home to create a separate office space which is so often desperately needed to avoid any distraction.

This is very rarely the case, with many family homes, all the space in all the rooms has been accounted for.

Kitchen work surfaces becoming the actual office space where people carry out their duties is certainly not ideal.

Garden office 01 scaled - Your New Garden Office
Garden office 03 scaled - Your New Garden Office
Garden office 02 scaled - Your New Garden Office

A new normal - A new garden office

If this way of working is to become the new normal, we may have to look at other ways to make the work we do from home, far more productive.

One way in which you could eliminate these distractions would be to look to the space you may have in your garden. The garden could be the place for your new workspace. Using your initial outlay on commuting could offset the cost of having an R. Page Concrete Buildings Garden Room installed in your garden.

We can help you get the best from home working, with a concrete outbuilding that can be used as an ideal office space or extra room. The main structure of our buildings is concrete and generally does not require planning permission. They are secure buildings with UPVC doors with multipoint locking systems and locking UPVC windows. The buildings can be insulated and lined so that they can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The insulation can help the heat from coming in or going out. This could well be the solution to any problems that you may have encountered since working from home, giving you that extra space that you may need.

Garden office interior 01 - Your New Garden Office
Garden office interior 02 - Your New Garden Office
Garden office interior 03 - Your New Garden Office

We have lots of different sizes, designs, and styles available to suit whatever your requirements are. We can carry out all the necessary works to create your perfect environment with no distraction. We have a number of different claddings and finishes to add to your building to make it blend into any different garden design.

We can have a building fully installed within a two week period from when we commence the work, giving you minimum disruption in that period and also having you ready to go in no time.

Your daily commute will be at home from home.